Monday, December 1, 2014

Iberry Finale

All people who under the lure of buying good configuration tablet / phone, who believe in supporting a new company read this.


A company like this one does not appreciate customer feedback and nor is their hardware mating properly with each other. End result is a shoddy piece of workmanship. Lack of appropriate support makes it worse.
Buy a branded tablet even if it were to cost you a few rupees more. In the future, if these guys change their attitude then probably things could be different. However as of today, I would NOT purchase electronics from this company.

All companies have teething problems, but not for so long that our hard earned money goes waste. We have not purchased items to be treated shoddily nor have we started a free lunch home, that companies like this one have a free lunch.

I thank you all for your support and feedback on the blog. I shall respond whenever possible from my schedule.

So till my next blog, I am signing off...
The Doctor.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Dear sir/madam,
I had purchased your company's tablet pc Iberry Auxus AX03G last year. Since then I had complained multiple times with respect to a few problems which have not been completely resolved till date. Your company advt. for specifications mentions USSD support, which is still not there. There is the battery issue, where despite formatting, reinstalling the latest firmware available, still gives only approx. 2 hours and 50 minutes use time on lowest display brightness setting & no background applications running, wifi & bluetooth off. standby time has also reduced to less than a day, where it completely discharges in less than a day from fully charged status, without any use. The charger pin gives an electric shock ever since purchase. it had been described as faulty/defective in sept. 2012. i have made numerous complaints since then, however due to my busy work schedule as a surgeon, have not had the opportunity to be more proactive in tracing the outcome of the same. Since then you have launched quite a few new products including 2/3 tablet pc, phones etc. However, no new safe charger design?? I find that quite surprising and disturbing, that despite 9-10 months having lapsed since this issue being brought to your notice, that no new charger design has been given to customers. IS CUSTOMER SAFETY A PRIORITY FOR YOUR COMPANY?? If yes, why is there no new safe charger available? if not, then do not put the safety and health of people at risk by selling defective faulty and incompletely developed products!!
Kindly address the abovementioned issues at the earliest.
Thank you.
Dr.Ramakrishna Kamath.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

iBerry auxus ax03g review - The Grand Finale

The bluetooth headset is able to pause/play videos, switch between previous and next as well provide volume control using an app MX player. So that problem resolved by me,without CSE support. The 3G is much much better. Battery is good, lowest brightness setting with bluetooth connection the battery lasts for 6 hours and 17 minutes at fully on state without any battery saver applications. Standby time is 1 day and about 18 hours, which is nearly double of previous state. The USSD problem still going on, with the garbled characters. The accelerometer calibration is still the same with wobbly effect in few of the games. but is ignorable. Customer care was good to me, thankfully. I got this tablet exchanged so many times that I had lost count. though not actually, it was 5. but they sent it back usually within time, 7 working days... Finally would I recommend this tablet? May be not, till all updates/patches are in place. There are other tabs in the market for a similar price now, More price/company options available now than a few months back when this tablet was first launched. So in good faith, know your budget and requirements, then purchase one.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Guys, after months of back and forth of the tab which felt like a tennis match, I am ready to give what will my final opinion/update about the iberry auxus ax03g tab.

I experienced the 3G reception which was better than before, much better. Having said that, it is neither phone nor a USB data dongle, especially in terms of enhancing reception in areas with poor signal strength. I felt that the speed is limited to about 1-1.2Mbps in 3G data transfer, whereas the transfer rates were much higher with a phone, whereas the use of an USB dongle gave much better speeds than even the phone with the same network at the same time, thereby ruling out network congestion or limitation as a cause for the lower speeds. But the experience was satisfactory. The battery in continuous use of the screen in minimum brightness setting lasts for about 5 hours & 15minutes till it gives out completely. This is good enough, as far as I am concerned. The part where i am not happy is the battery backup / standby time given by the tablet, in no network, no Bluetooth, no wifi mode, with all apps killed state. The tablet barely manages to get to 24 hours before giving up on staying alive. The precipitous fall of the battery charge from 67% to about 30% is still present. I tried the battery calibration app from the play store, but it didn’t help much. However android does have a energy hungry nature in general, which is why the play store is filled with battery boosting apps, so I am inclined to give it the benefit of doubt. Also the accelerometer issue where there is woobling of the driver in certain games still persists. The same is not there in other manufacturer tablets like the GT2/ FB pro, which I had an opportunity to use. I shall hope that the issue, alongwith a few others will be resolved via a firmware update soon. The suggested upgrades which may not take place due to hardware limitations/non feasibility shall be a grouse, I shall hold till the end. However, as of today, I am fairly satisfied with the product I received, for the price I paid for it.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tablet Repair/Replacement Melodrama

I have resent the tablet again for the 4th time. this time, while the assurance is the same. Also what comes with it, is the in depth technical discussion with the R&D team guy who assured me about some firmware update which is in the works for battery, network selection issues etc and is expected in a month or two. However no clear date whatsoever. Also that the tablet works perfectly in chennai and some stuff regarding the Indian bandwidth distribution pattern being different in every city. Point of the whole discussion was that there are about 4 batches of tabs, one or the other batch definitely works in each of the cities, hence sending the tablet back for diagnostics may make sense, but reception quality may not be the same in all of the cities. The bluetooth will not have a2dp update as it will hamper the already weak gsm/3g reception. The chipset (name withheld) used is not that great for network reception as the stuff in phones in the 1st place. The charger design will be changed and shall be provided at request sometime later in the year/early next year as the current one gives shock at the tip, but tab is apparently safe from overcharging and voltage fluctuations as a result of the above. So use of the current charger is still recommended albeit with care. I shall keep you updated in due course.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Repairs and Refunds​index.php?option=com_content&vi​ew=article&id=51&Itemid=90

 All people who have been advised to return their tablets for inspection/repairs/​replacements/or just about anything else back to iberry, refer to the above link for their address.
Also people interested in claiming refunds, go through the return & refund policy here.
The people who have been advised the return for repair/replacements are expected to follow the below mentioned directions, but not told about it by the iberry guys unless directly asked for:
1) You are expected to return the entire sales package with all accessories included in the original sales package.
2) A note should be placed inside the tablet box, mentioning the issues faced by you.
3) After the above steps have been successfully completed, the entire sales package box is to be bubble wrapped and placed in waterproof cover (like the one you received your tablet in).
4) Seal it securely.
5) Write the address mentioned in the website link provided at the top of this post.
6) Write your own address at the back of the packed product.
7) The courier company authorised by iberry will contact you and send a pick up boy to collect the package from you.
8) After giving it to the authorised courier company personnel, contact and confirm/update the same to iberry, via the support website, using your email and ticket no. as the validation.
9) Wait for return...

Addendum to Issues faced by Me

·         The touch keys at the bottom of the screen do not have backlight, making it impossible to use them in the dark. All the preview photos and 3600 view images made it appear as though they had backlights.  
The screen brightness and dimness settings should be tweaked so as to reduce the minimum and increase the maximum, Giving us bigger range of choice as to the display brightness.