Sunday, November 25, 2012

iBerry auxus ax03g review - The Grand Finale

The bluetooth headset is able to pause/play videos, switch between previous and next as well provide volume control using an app MX player. So that problem resolved by me,without CSE support. The 3G is much much better. Battery is good, lowest brightness setting with bluetooth connection the battery lasts for 6 hours and 17 minutes at fully on state without any battery saver applications. Standby time is 1 day and about 18 hours, which is nearly double of previous state. The USSD problem still going on, with the garbled characters. The accelerometer calibration is still the same with wobbly effect in few of the games. but is ignorable. Customer care was good to me, thankfully. I got this tablet exchanged so many times that I had lost count. though not actually, it was 5. but they sent it back usually within time, 7 working days... Finally would I recommend this tablet? May be not, till all updates/patches are in place. There are other tabs in the market for a similar price now, More price/company options available now than a few months back when this tablet was first launched. So in good faith, know your budget and requirements, then purchase one.